The Last Barber In Town

Check out this video about a true Broken Hill legend, Graham Rowe. See below to hear about this project first hand from director, (and Graham’s daughter), Tracey Rowe. Go to her website to find out more at or visit her Vimeo channel here:

“This is my father Graham Rowe, the last Barber in Broken Hill. I wanted to make a short film about him, because I think he is an important part of the history of Broken Hill. For 60 years he has been cutting hair, telling stories and having conversations. This film gives you a glimpse of who my father is, it’s not the whole story of course, I’d need to make a feature length film in order to tell his story so far. The isolation of an outback mining town breeds all sorts of eccentric and inspiring characters, all from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and the sense of community is intensely strong and vibrant. I’m proud to say that I was born there and extremely grateful for the friends and family back home who helped me make this personal film and document a little bit of Broken Hill history in the only way I know how……from my heart”.

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